As a part of the ISX propitiatory IAM Smart methodology, Enterprise Data Services is one of the most critical strategies required to establish a mature information security governance program.  The convergence of data quality, management, policies, classifications, and processes can provide an enhanced synergy by which an organizations can accelerate the adoption of application management by a factor of 10.  Once certified, organizations will be able to reduce the cost and complexity of applications; leveraging the following immediate benefits:

  • Improved Decision Making – Inventory Management will allow your organization to track applications data (name, version, interfaces, owner, roles, schema, data flow maps, and users) and make quicker informed decisions as to how the application is being used, by whom, and at what risk is the application being exposed to.
  • Improved data quality – Data Synchronization between applications will establish consistency and accuracy across applications.
  • Reduced Password Management Support – Password Synchronization will reduce the number of forgotten password help-desk calls.
  • Automated Provisioning and De-provisioning of User Entitlements – Understanding the interfaces to the applications will determine what integration mechanisms are available which will drive a timeline for application integration.
  • Support different data formats and integration needs – Having the ability to transform data in transit will provide tremendous flexibility.
  • Improve data security exchanged internally and externally with outside vendors.
  • Improved overall governance – Knowledge of data classifications and where the data resides are core requirements in managing the governance of data.

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