Executive Workshops

ISX Executive workshops are designed to help you align your organization’s Identity Access Management (IAM) initiative.  Together with  stakeholders from your Security, Human Resources, Compliance, Information Technology, Finance and other operational departments, we will listen to your business objectives and help develop an accelerated strategy to meet your organizations goals.

Workshop Highlights

  • Identity Management Overview
  • Identity Management Space (ISX)
  • Vendor Capability Review
  • Trends
  • Strengths, Weaknesses/Limitations, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) Exercises with Organizational, Technical and Business Stakeholders
  • Identify Business Drivers
  • Identify Business Requirements
  • Identify Performance Metrics
  • Organization Review
  • Organizational Structure
  • Stakeholder Identification and Analysis
  • Cross Organizational Impact
  • Business Process Review
  • User Lifecycle
  • Application Lifecycle
  • Role Lifecycle
  • Environmental Technology Review
  • Applications
  • Operating Systems
  • Data stores
  • IAM Program Future State Review
  • People (Organizational Makeup)
  • Processes (On/Off Boarding, Password Reset, Access Requests)
  • Technology (Architecture, Directory Integration, Vendor Example)
  • Assess Program Size, Risk, and Resources Constraints
  • Assess Cost Estimation (Hardware, Software, Services)
  • IAM Lessons Learned
  • Implementation Strategy
  • IAM High Level Roadmap
  • Success Plan/Implementation Approach
  • Next Steps
workshop 2

Ultimately, your IAM solution must contribute directly to business value by positively impacting the time it takes for your organization’s IT transactions to complete, the number of transactions it is capable of completing, and the diversity of transactions you are able to perform.  Are you confident your IAM solution does all of these on a consistent basis?  Are these transactions growing on a consistent basis?  Do you have the IT personnel to ensure it’s continuous growth? ISX’s Executive Workshops will not only help your organization answer these questions, but also help with the following:




Key Performance Indicators which the IAM Project will directly and indirectly affect:

  • Identify and Establish Key Business Objectives.
  • Identify, Document, and Publish metrics by which success will be measured.
  • Identify, Document, and Publish Solution Requirements.
  • Identify Stakeholders and their levels of commitment.
  • Identify the organization’s readiness for the project’s impact and commitment of resources and set a baseline for ongoing evaluation of the relationship between business priorities and IT delivery.
  • Provide insight into current allocation of staff and budget and provide valuable analysis quickly with low impact on client resources.


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