Mergers and Acquisitions

Most executives go into an M&A deal confident that it will build shareholder value by allowing each organization to adopt each other best practices and streamline its business processes while shredding areas of inefficiency.  One requirement at achieving this new state of “Nirvina” is the integration of each others IT environment and culture.  And since, key players in mergers are not typically measured by how well business processes are managed, or whether a major transformation of IT practices has been shepherded through successfully, research shows this new state of “Nirvina” is often times never achieved.

Rapid integration of merging companies into a single unified infrastructure and IT organization compels people from both organizations to work together in the same technological environment, and that in turn requires that they communicate. In this way, business process integration facilitates the move toward a single corporate culture, and a more rapid achievement of synergies.

ISX specialized in rapid IT integration using our proprietary methodology  IAM Accelerate as the mechanism for rapid integration under our IAM Smart M&S service.  Our IAM M&A teams are composed of experienced and dedicated project managers, solution architects, and senior consultants with backgrounds in multiple and cross-functional areas of information technology.

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