IAM Managed

Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions are complex.  Most solutions existing today have gone through extensive integrations with multiple applications acquired through acquisitions and mergers.  Organizations are finding it difficult to find qualified personnel with suitable levels of expertise to support these solutions.  As a result, organizations have been slow to realize the true potential and value of their investment.

With ISX Managed Services:

Application Upgrades – Never again be caught major versions behind in your IAM’s product release.  ISX will perform a minimum of one major release and one minor release per year.

Quarterly Integration Releases – As a part of our Managed Service, ISX will work with your organization to develop a schedule for application integrations on a quarterly basis.  This will ensure your organization IAM security platform capabilities continues to mature over time, thus increasing your return on investment and value.

Dedicated Small Groups – At ISX, we believe the only effective way to offer superior support is for our support specialists to be intimately familiar with your organization’s architecture and configuration.  Therefore you will have one of our dedicated “small groups” to manage all of your support needs.

Accelerated Delivery – The level of expertise required to expand the functional capability of these solutions can be overwhelming for non-seasoned professionals.  In most cases, it would take a minimum of five weeks of training to get an individual properly trained to support an IAM solution.  Even if an organization were to devote that time to an individual, in most cases, when the individual is not 100% dedicated to that technology, the skillsets start diminishing in a matter of 2 months.  With ISX, our “small groups” of subject matter experts are emerged in these activities on a daily basis, as such they are more experienced at delivering accelerated solutions.


Request more information to see how ISX can help your organization Accelerate the value returned by your IAM solution.

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