IAM Accelerate

IAM Accelerate is ISX’s proven methodology of discovery and analysis which has helped to accelerate the value an Identity Management implementation can provide up to 5 months quicker than any other competing company.  Thru this engagement, our tools allow our consultants the ability to collect and analyze data at a much more efficient rate than anyone else. We will provide an immediate ability to:

  • Document and Track business requirements
  • Document and Review Use Cases
  • Document and Review Test Cases
  • Inventory Applications
  • Inventory Application Schema
  • Collect and Reconcile User Identities to a Single Unique Identifier.

From this engagement, ISX will provide a strategic road map and tactical road maps for your IAM implementation for the next 18 months.  A detailed design coupled with a project plan for each release package will be delivered as a part of this engagement.  In addition, ISX will provide a traceability matrix which can map the delivery of business requirements, along with user cases and test cases back to the implementation road map described above.

Request more information to see how ISX can help your organization Accelerate the value returned by your IAM solution.

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